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Enlarged Didactic Units of Physics in Visual Aids

Training manual "VPF" Epsilon "Kyiv - 2008"

The modern complex of physics in general or its components are used by the teacher when explaining new material, as well as for all types of consolidation, generalization and various forms of learning. Application of the complex in the educational process facilitates understanding and mastering of logical structure of the maintenance by pupils, improves ability to analyze physical processes and to carry out self-control. The manual will be useful for both teachers and students of secondary and vocational education institutions, and students of preparatory courses, entrants and students. The complex also has the function of partial elimination of the preparatory routine work of the teacher for lessons and providing visual means of natural perception for creating an effective learning process.
The textbook is part of a set of demonstration tools developed by the author.

The complex consists of:
> a device for placing and displaying all 32 tables in it at the same time at the board, followed by an instant demonstration of any;
> 32 physics tables full color image (dimensions for easy viewing and printing: 70x100 cm) of the entire physics course, (analogue of the training board with the finished content of the material on the topics).
> table: "System of units of physical quantities SI" - a new structural table of a full-color image with dimensions of 142x100 cm;
> full physics course manual in full color for the teacher and the possibility of printing it.

The complex can be used in electronic form with the help of modern demonstration tools - interactive boards, panels, etc.
Translation into other languages is possible.

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