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Space Solar Power Systems of Gyroscopic and Cyclic Functioning

Problems in the development and implementation of projects of space solar power plants of thermal conversion system

The scientific and practical significance of the developed projects of space solar power systems of gyroscopic and cyclic functioning should be presented in the context of a brief acquaintance with the previously developed companies Boeing, Rockwell Int under the NASA program with the participation of the Nobel Prize laureate P. Glazer.

The main problem in the development of projects for space solar power plants was the choice of thermal or photovoltaic conversion system. Despite all the advantages: the high efficiency of the thermal conversion system (up to 39%), the technology for the production of turbine generators with a developed industrial base has been mastered, the use of not scarce materials that are resistant to the effects of space radiation, there are factors that hinder the implementation of these projects. These include the large specific gravity of the conversion system on average equal to 3.4 kg⋅kW-1 [1], Solar Power Satellite(SPS) (see Table).

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